Axel Weber
45 Jahre Sozialpolitik - und mehr

Publications in English (partly downloadable)

Labor Market

Health Care Financing and Employment. In: Employment and Working Conditions in the Health Sector of Central Asian Countries. ILO/PSI Conference Report. Geneva 2000, p. 35

Health Insurance

Social Health Insurance - A Guidebook for Planning, Second Edition (together with Charles Normand). ADB, GTZ, ILO, WHO 2009

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The Impact of the Global Recession on the Poor and Vulnerable in the Philippines and on the Social Health Insurance System (PHILHEALTH), Discussion Paper presented together with Helga Piechulek at the 3. China-ASEAN Forum on Social Development and Poverty Reduction, 4th ASEAN+3 High-Level Seminar on Poverty Reduction. Hanoi/Manila 2009

Financing Social Health Insurance – Challenges and Opportunities. Regional Conference on Enhancing Social Protection in Asia and the Pacific, 21–22 April 2010 in Manila

Health Economics

Modeling in Health Care Finance. A Compendium of Quantitative Techniques for Health Care Financing. (Together with M. Cichon et al.). Geneva 1999

Social Indicators

Developing a Social Protection Index for Asia (together with Bob Baulch and Joe Wood). In : Development Policy Review, January 2006, 24 (1), p. 5-29

As editor, various authors:
Social Protection Index for Committed Poverty Reduction. Asian Development Bank 2006

As co-Author
Social Protection Index for Committed Poverty Reduction. Vol.2: Asia. Asian Development Bank 2008


Together with Florence Bonnet and Cathérine Saget:
Social Responses and Minimum Wages Responses to the 2008 Financial and Economic Crisis. ILO Employment Working Paper N° 113, Geneva 2012

Social Assistance in Asia and the Pacific. In: Handayani, S.W.: Social Assistance and Conditional Cash Transfers - Proceedings of the Regional Workshop. Manila 2009

Assessment of the Philippine Social Protection Policies. Brot für die Welt Publication. Stuttgart 2012

Financing Social Protection. Working Paper, 2019